Porsha Williams Shuts Down Breakup

there has been speculation recently about whether Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley are still together. Some sources said the two were working on their relationship, and other voices said there was nothing left to do and that they were on the verge of breaking up.

This all follows various rumors of fraud last year.

Porsha also made her fans smile when she shared a video in which she was partying with her sister, Lauren Williams.

In the video, fans can see Porsha with a drink in hand, and Lauren can be heard in the background saying it’s mom’s night.

Anyway, Porsha has probably managed to kill some of these rumors by sharing a photo in which she is with Dennis during a double date with T

Doubles… lol still on my ish trini. Happy birthday Paul “All black all NWH! Pors ”’Porsha captioned his post. Porsha Williams Shuts Down Breakup Rumors And Shares A Photo In Which She And Dennis McKinley Have A Double Date Night With Tanya Sam And Her Beau

Someone else said, “ Since you’ve been wearing pajamas, you’ve become a comfortable mom. You were flying this season where you were going out with Dennis to find your rhythm.

One commenter said, “Huh? Porsha was flying at the time, and she’s just as fly now, “and a subscriber posted this:” I can’t believe someone said that! Please ignore them! Porsha you’re amazing ❤️ ‘

Someone else wrote, “Beautiful couples. Your smile is contagious, and another follower said, “I love you @ porsha4real 💞 you and Tanya seem to have the most true friendship. I love that ‘

One person said, ‘I love you Porsha, you are so real and I like you ❤️’ and a fan wrote: ‘Doubles is the ish !!!!!! Especially if you make it pleasant and spicy !!!!! Ok, @ porsha4